Phys Ed Classes

The grade 10 phys ed classes are preparing for a trip to Rigaud to go Ziplining on Thursday. The trip will be a full day event as the kids get to experience a great tree-top adventure while spending time with their friends.

The Phys Ed classes are completing the first round of health and getting ready for the badminton unit.

This is just a reminder that all students must be in their full phys ed uniform each day.

School teams

The fall sports teams are in full swing as we are getting ready to head into the playoffs.

The Girls basketball teams are looking strong and are expected to represent our school well as we move forward to the playoffs

The Boys volleyball teams are training hard and steadily improving as the playoffs approach in the next few weeks.

The senior boys cross country team is preparing for EOSSAA this week after winning last weeks SD&G event.

Outdoor Education

The outdoor education class has just wrapped up a successful camping and canoeing trip to Charleston Lake Provincial Park. The students were fortunate enough to spend three days in the park hiking, canoeing and swimming. The kids got to experience sleeping in tents and cooking over the open fire, all while spending time with their friends.

The next unit of study will be the orienteering unit. We will spend a few weeks learning the basics of the compass.

Once orienteering is complete, we will transition into the rock climbing unit. After spening a few weeks learing the basics, we will travel to Ottawa to the Coyote Rock Climbing Gym.